CEO Greetings

  • KH PARTNERS Co., Ltd. is a new management company established in August 2021 to present an investment suggestion that can secure stable returns at minimal risk in the financial market with ever-increasing uncertainty.
  • KH PARTNERS Co., Ltd. will utilize our networks of leading domestic institutions, create stable funds using active real estate investment techniques, discover companies that will continue to grow through strict corporate valuation, and invest in assets with stable margins. Also, we will suggest investment plans with common sense after thoroughly considering all possible risks to protect customers' assets. We will lead the introduction of hedge fund management companies to provide investment diversity, and based on this, will grow into a global management company seeking a direction differentiated from the monotonous management methods of existing management.
  • All of our executives and employees will strive based on the management philosophy of coexistence and co-prosperity to create KH PARTNERS, an asset management company that grows together with customers.
  • Thank you.
  • KH PARTNERS Co., Ltd.
    CEONo Keum Sun, Yi Seung Gook