Management philosophy

  • Diversified Mezzanine

  • Event Driven & IPO

  • Real Estate Development

  • Private Equity
Mezzanine investment in connection with equity investment for small and medium-sized promising companies
- CB, EB, BW investment strategy and middle and lower priority LOAN MIXING investment.
Arbitrage trading using special circumstances such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, tender offers, capital increase, capital reduction, and initial public offering.
Merger arbitrage, exercising appraisal rights of shareholders, public offering event, etc.
Reduce risk and generate stable profits through comprehensive management of the entire process from development, bridge loan, and main PF
Investment management centered on profitable real estate funds.
- Logistics warehouse, specialized leisure facilities
Invest by mixing redeemable convertible preference shares, CBs, and pre-emptive rights
Pursuing both the recovery of discounted value and the increase in corporate growth value at the same time.